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58: The Confused Messaging of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

June 8, 2021

Is Karli Morgenthau a young idealist forced into a desperate situation by the heartless decisions of detached multinational elites? Or is she the chief architect of an escalating campaign of terror who disturbs even her staunchest allies with her thirst for mass murder? Is John Walker an unhinged menace with an inferiority complex the size of Steve Rogers's pecs, whose violent outbursts lead to the escape of his enemy, the death of his best friend, and literal blood on his hands? Or is he an exemplary soldier who only wants to do the right thing and one little mistake really shouldn't be held against him? Has Isaiah Bradley been so badly mistreated and abused by his country that there's no longer any hope of meaningful restitution? Or will a museum exhibit make things better?

The Disney Marvel MCU miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems to answer all of these questions with an inconclusive whynotboth.gif, leaving Glenn & Scott a bit confused as they try to figure out exactly what the show is trying to say and what its characters actually believe. Along the way they also discuss the various Captains America, the role of Lemar Hoskins, Bucky’s online dating profile, the use of villainy in depicting villains, and how all of this is really Iron Man’s fault. Scott passionately defends the virtue of knowing things, while Glenn is horrified at potential injustices that may or may not be happening under the incredibly ill-defined and inconsistent government and legal systems. Also, follow along at home by counting how many things get stuck in Glenn’s craw! (Where exactly is one’s craw? Is getting things stuck there NSFW?)

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