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61: “Raising” the “Stakes” - U.S. Marshals

August 8, 2021

Glenn & Scott close out their journey through the The Fugitive Cinematic Universe with a look at the 1998 film U.S. Marshals. Tommy Lee Jones is back, and so is special guest Alanna Kelly to help us decide if this movie is as careful and intelligent as its predecessor. Does it copy the previous film, does it grow and evolve from the previous film, or does it merely try to one-up the previous film? And does it succeed at whichever of those it attempts? Along the way they also discuss Samuel Gerard’s manliness and it’s relative toxicity, the… mystery(?) plot at the center of the story, the movie’s score composed by Scott’s nemesis Late Nineties Jerry Goldsmith, and how each of the hosts would fare trying to vault over a chain link fence.

Alanna works for The Snack Sack, a food equity mutual aid organization. Find out more at

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